Project: Deering Estate at Cutler
Carriage House and Pump House (1916)
National Register of Historic Places

Location: Cutler Ridge, Florida

The Carriage house is a Masonry Vernacular Style two story concrete structure with cedar shake wood roof shingles built to house Mr. Charles Deering vehicles.  The Pump house is a one story structure originally built to house the water tanks that fed the intricate irrigation system created to supply water throughout the property. Today these buildings house artists in residence studios and classrooms.

Deering Estate at Cutler –¬†Carriage House and Pump House received a Conservation Assessment Program (CAP) grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), a federal agency. The program is managed by” Heritage Preservation” based in Washington D.C. who contracted William B Medellin Architect P.A. to perform an Architectural Assessment of the existing conditions.